Top 10 Sessions

Now in our 25th (!) year, we have worked with over 6000 schools delivering our workshop programme which features 200 unique sessions. Whilst we love them all equally, there are a few which have become Freshwater Favourites. Browse our most popular sessions in schools, libraries and nurseries across the UK below.


10. Thorgil the Viking

History KS2. Reliving Thorgil’s journey from Denmark to England and taking part in a gripping retelling of the story of Thor’s Hammer, your children will explore different aspects of Viking life.

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9. Victorian Schooldays

History KS1 & KS2. Transport your classroom back to 1899 and give your children a lesson they won’t forget as our Victorian schoolteacher assesses handwriting, drill and arithmetic.

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8. MFL Storytelling - French, Spanish and German

MFL KS1 & KS2. Immerse your children in French, Spanish or German as they bring two traditional tales to life. Up to 120 children can enjoy this interactive language experience, developing their listening and speaking skills and increasing their confidence.

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7. Magical Toy Museum

History KS1. Your children will become toy experts as they enter the museum and bring toys from the past 100 years to life using their bodies and voices, before inventing their own original toy.

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6. Science Machine

Science KS1 & KS2. The Science Machine is in grave danger of imploding and our eccentric scientist needs your knowledge to save it! Your pupils must use their knowledge and enthusiasm to help refill its information tanks with scientific facts and fun.

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5. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Roman Britain

History KS2. Join our daring explorer in unlocking the secrets of an Ancient Egyptian tomb, journey back to Ancient Greece to meet Zeus, meet some eccentric characters from Roman Britain. Can your children make it through their adventure and save the day?

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4. Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Geography KS2. Adventure with the Earth Explorer to some of the world’s most dangerous places, exploring the stages of a volcano and the causes and effects of an earthquake.

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3. Florence Nightingale

History KS1. Travelling with Florence to Scutari hospital and roleplaying scenes from her life, your class will explore her childhood memories as well as her nursing legacy.

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2. Early Years Story Hunt

Storytelling EYFS. Let our specialist Early Years facilitator lead your children on an action-packed, sensory adventure, picking up clues in order to create a magical story together. Highly interactive, lots of fun and available on a whole range of topics.

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1. Great Fire of London

History KS1. Experience London in 1666 as your pupils recreate life in Pudding Lane, become the fire as it grows and spreads, meet the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, and debate the rebuilding of the city.

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Black History Month

Our Black history workshops are also some of our most popular, featuring:

• A Carnival of Stories
• History: A Celebration
• Quest for Windrush
• Stories from Africa

Read more about our Black history workshops here.

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