Science & Maths drama workshops for schools (KS1 and KS2)

Get your topic started with a bang and your pupils enthused about science with our unique Exploratorium Science drama workshops, suitable for Key Stage One (KS1) or Key Stage Two (KS2). See children’s knowledge and confidence grow as they blast off to space or become electrons in an electric current.

Or why not get your pupils marvelling at Maths with an hour-long adventure specially designed for KS1.

  • The Exploratorium
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    Enter the secret laboratory and meet the eccentric scientist who is in a state of panic. The Exploratorium Science Machine is in great danger of imploding. Its information fuel tanks are almost empty! Can your children’s knowledge and enthusiasm for science save it?

    Perfect for Science Week or at any time, this lively workshop is filled with fun and facts, and is available on the following science topics:

    •    Animals, Habitats & Life Cycles
    •    Electricity
    •    New Evolution & Inheritance
    •    Forces & Motion
    •    Healthy Eating
    •    Human Body
    •    Light & Shadows
    •    Materials
    •    Plants & Growth
    •    Sound
    •    Space
    •    New Weather & Seasons

    "The children were fully engaged throughout all the activities and giggled and had so much fun as they learnt about electricity. This was a great introduction to the topic. I felt the children really gained a lot of knowledge in a fun and exciting way. They have also retained all that they have learnt which helps me greatly!"
    Louisa Argent, James Allens Pre Prep School, Dulwich

  • Marvellous Maths
    • Greater London & Essex

    Join our Maths Master on an exciting adventure to Maths Island. In this practical, hands-on workshop, your children will explore many of the concepts that form the foundation of children's early understanding of maths, building their confidence and extending their numeracy skills. There will be puzzles to solve, problems to overcome and some slippery serpents to watch out for!

    Choose from the following topics:
    •    Number & Time (including fractions)
    •    Shape & Pattern

    "The children were intrigued by the presentation and were highly motivated to participate. The facilitator cleverly adjusted his level of questionning to cater for the children's ability level and kept everyone interested for the full session."
    Briony Osment, St James C of E Primary, Surrey

Did you know?

The Exploratorium science drama workshops are the perfect complement to National Science and Engineering Week, from 14-23 March 2014.

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