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We are thrilled to announce new online versions of some of our most popular sessions! Introducing: Freshwater Online

We are delighted to be supporting schools who are adapting to cloud-based learning, as well as reaching new schools who are usually outside of our regional availability.

Freshwater Online provides live interactive workshops to schools all across the UK using the latest digital technology.

"Beyond my expectations . . . Such an immersive, interactive, thoughtful, and fun workshop. So much information, fun facts, action points, imaginative role play. I'm SO glad I booked you!".

Claire Davies, Manor House School, Leatherhead


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  • Early Years Story Hunt
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    EYFS. Send your children on a live and interactive virtual story hunt adventure to investigate your chosen topic. Led by our fun-loving Explorer and their feathery sidekick, Big Bird, your class will be captivated by a range of drama, music and story-based activities, collecting clues and culminating in the creation of their very own story.

    Available topics include:

    •  Fairytales
    •  Ourselves
    •  Space

    If you are interested in an online story hunt on a different topic, please just get in touch


  • Great Fire of London (KS1)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    History KS1. In this exciting virtual version of our ever-popular workshop, your class will travel back in time to 1666 and meet an eyewitness to the 'Great Fire'. Through recreating life in Pudding Lane and visiting Thomas Farynor's bakery, your children will discover how the fire started and spread and experience what it was like to leave homes and livelihoods and flee to safety.

    One facilitator delivers this workshop in the role of Mary or William Porter, a resident of Pudding Lane in 1666. Children explore what life was like in this area of London beforehand, the causes of the fire, and its aftermath.

    Key Areas

    •  Life for the locals of Pudding Lane before and after the fire
    •  Samuel Pepys' diary
    •  The aftermath of the fire including rebuilding the city and the role of Christopher Wren


  • Florence Nightingale (KS1)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    History KS1. In this new, exciting virtual format your children will be met by Florence and be taken on the unforgettable journey of her lifetime.

    First stopping off at her childhood home and exploring her early life, your class will then be whisked away on Florence's travels around Europe and discover how her passion for nursing began. They will then join Florence's nursing team and accompany her to the Crimea to run the renowned Scutari Hospital, before returning to England to examine her legacy.

    This is a live, interactive session offering children ample opportunity to take on roles and learn about this role model through enacting scenes from her life.

    Key Areas

    •  The life of Florence Nightingale - her childhood, as a young woman, and travelling through Europe
    •  Scutari Hospital
    •  Crimean War
    •  Homecoming
    •  Nursing legacy


  • MFL Storytelling - French (KS1 & KS2)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    French KS1 & KS2. In this new virtual format, our specialist language facilitator will ignite your children's love of language as they lead them in an engaging and playful retelling of two well-known tales in French.


    This interactive learning experience develops key listening and speaking skills while increasing your pupils' confidence.
    •  Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    •  The Three Little Pigs 

    Learning Aids

    •  Call and response
    •  Learning vocabulary by recognising a part of the story
    •  Visual aids


  • Victorian Schooldays (KS1 & KS2)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    History KS1 & KS2. In this exciting virtual format, your class will be transported back to 1899 to receive a lesson they won't forget as our Victorian Schoolteacher assesses handwriting, drill and arithmetic.

    This is a live, interactive session offering children the chance to immerse themselves in the role of Victorian schoolchildren. Through covering different aspects of the Victorian curriculum and exploring the cultural context of the time, your class will experience firsthand what a day at 'Board School' might have been like.

    Key Areas

    •  Writing with slates and copybooks
    •  Times tables and arithmetic
    •  Spelling practice
    •  Victorian school punishment methods




  • Ancient Greek Adventure! (KS2 Show)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Take your class on a tour around Ancient Greece with our Time Traveller. Begin this interactive adventure meeting a local Ancient Greek citizen and bump into some exciting surprise guests along the way!

    Key Areas

    •  Culture - theatre, philosophy, democracy, Olympic Games
    •  Social structure - life in Sparta, the role of women, slavery
    •  Greek alphabet
    •  Homer's Iliad and Odyssey - Theseus and the Minotaur
    •  Greek gods
    •  Battle of Troy


  • Alice in Wonderland (EY & KS1)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Literacy EY & KS1. Send your children down the rabbit hole to discover the topsy turvy world of Wonderland in this interactive online adventure.

    Exploring Lewis Carroll's quirky classic, your class will delight in visiting the different locations and meeting the weird and wacky inhabitants of Wonderland. They'll create crazy concoctions at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and get the White Rabbit's clock ticking once more to ensure he won't be late. Just be careful not to anger the Queen of Hearts or it'll be 'off with your head'!


  • Stories from Africa (KS1 & KS2)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Literacy KS1 & KS2. In this new, exciting virtual format your class will be led on a journey deep into the heart of Africa to discover How Anansi Became King of All the Stories and How the Zebra got his Stripes.

    Meeting the famous 'trickster' Anansi, your class will learn about the oral tradition and how these 'spider stories' have spread around the globe. They will also consider the morals and lessons of 'creation myths' as they bring both tales to life through a range of engaging and imaginative drama activities.

    Curriculum Links

    •  Increasing familiarity with a wide range of fiction from our literary heritage
    •  Celebrating stories from other cultures and traditions
    •  Considering how stories are passed on


  • Inspiring Women (KS1 & KS2)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    History KS1 & KS2. In this exciting virtual format, your children will be greeted by Hera, the Greek Goddess of Women (and Marriage), and taken on a fascinating and fact-filled journey to learn about many inspirational women.

    Visiting different locations and time periods, the children will explore the lives of extraordinary women through history such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell, celebrating their achievements and considering how the children themselves might become inspirational people of the future.

    Key Areas

    •  Exploring the achievements of women across the different spheres of science, the arts, politics and adventurous and pioneering women
    •  The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements
    •  Supports International Women's Day celebrations



Introductory Offer!

To celebrate our new enterprise, we are thrilled to offer online workshops at a discounted for this academic year! Be one of the first to access this offering with great value prices.

£99 - one drama workshop

£198 - one drama show

Terms and Conditions: These sessions must booked, and take place during the 2020/21 academic year.

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