Magical Toy Museum

Subject: History
Age Group: 5-7 Year Olds (KS1)
Available in London, North West, South West, and West Midlands

Your children will become toy experts as they enter the museum and bring toys from the past 100 years to life using their bodies and voices, before inventing their own original toy.

One facilitator visits your school in role as a museum curator, using drama activities such as role-play and tableaux to explore the different toys. They will visit different rooms in the museum to find out about different types of toys from the past century. 

 Types of toys children will look at:
  • Optical toys (kaleidoscope, thaumatropes and flick books)
  • Teddy bears (looking at bears up to 100 years old) 
  • Dolls
  • Moving toys (wind up, springs, pull/push toys)
  • Inventing toys (children get the chance to imagine their own)


Curriculum Link

  • Changes within living memory


"The children loved the workshop and were engaged the entire time. It was lovely to pretend to be different dolls and hear the children laugh so hard! The children learned a lot and were able to write a recount describing the different types of toys they saw and what they were made of. This workshop was great and I would highly recommend it to other schools."
Emma Hutchison, St Richard's R.C. Primary School, Manchester

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Important Information

Type: Drama workshop
Length of session: 60 minutes
Price£123 + VAT
Number of children: up to 30 - extra children are negotiable
All Freshwater drama facilitators are DBS checked


• Curriculum specific
• Experienced facilitator
• Interactive learning
• Opportunity to observe children's progress
• Easy booking process
• Follow-up packs available
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