Interactive MFL Performance for Key Stage Three (KS3)

In a hour-long interactive performance, one performer will visit your school and work with up to 120 Y7/8 students as they become the characters and recreate scenes from the chosen novel, namely Dumas' The Three Musketeers or Cervantes' Don Quijote de la Mancha.

English and the chosen Modern Foreign Language are woven seamlessly together to ensure that your students follow the action and are fully engaged throughout. Supported by the performer, your students will take on main roles to tell the story in this fast-paced and dynamic session.

  • Les Trois Mousquetaires
    • Greater London & Essex

    Journey back in time to the turbulent and riotous streets of Paris. Les gardes du Cardinal are pitted against Les Mousquetaires du Roi. The threat of violence hangs in the air, fights break out on every corner and impassioned mottos ring out:

    "Vive le Cardinal!"   

    "Tous pour un, un pour tous!"

    D'Artagnan, a brave and impetuous young man from the countryside, longs to travel to Paris and join the famed and revered Mousquetaires. But with the odds stacked against him and obstacles facing him at every turn, will D'Artagnan ever achieve his dream?

    "The content was cleverly thought out and the journey it took was excellent in both pace and linguistic content. It certainly engaged the pupils and is relevant in making MFL teaching exciting and vibrant."
    David Turpin, Thomas' School, Battersea

  • Don Quijote de la Mancha
    • Greater London & Essex

    Meet the famous don Quijote de la Mancha, self-pronounced knight errant and defender of chivalry, as he sallies forth to battle giants, vanquish enchanters and save damsels in distress. Or so he believes! At his side, the ever-faithful Sancho Panza tries to keep his master tethered to reality and out of danger, but Don Quijote’s so-called ‘chivalry’ leads to misadventure at every step.

    By turns comically farcical and touchingly tragic, the story of this hapless pair draws us in to share in their daring escapades.

    "Excellent performance - very engaging, memorable and perfect in terms of timing and length. The pupils LOVED being involved in the session."
    Marie-Cecile Bourgois, The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, Ealing

Did you know?

Over 60,000 children have taken part in our MFL Storytelling for primary schools.

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