History Drama Workshops for Key Stage 1 (KS1)

Our Key Stage 1 (KS1) History drama workshops support many strands of the KS1 History curriculum. Our sessions give children a memorable and accessible way of engaging with historical characters, periods and events.

The drama workshops are led by one facilitator, often in-role as a historical character such as Florence Nightingale.

  • Changes Within Living Memory
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Seaside Journeys (London, West Midlands)

    Visiting seaside holiday destinations from 1910 till today, children will explore how holidays and pastimes have changed over the past century in a session filled with holiday fun. 

    "This was a great introduction to Seaside holidays past and present. They took so much away from the session, which really inspired their writing."
    Aniella Mazgajczyk, Moons Moat First School, Redditch

    Magical Toy Museum (London, West Midlands, South West, North West)

    Late in the day, when all the visitors have gone home, your children enter the Magical Toy Museum.

    Using their bodies, voices and imaginations they will bring to life toys, both old and new, including china dolls, threadbare teddy bears and clockwork robots.

    "Children were enchanted by the session and loved all of the opportunities for drama and role-play."
    Anna Norman, Brookburn Primary, Chorlton

    Up and Down the Ages - Large Group Session (London) 

    In this fast-paced journey from Ancient Greece to the present day, your KS1 children will explore five different time periods using music, dance and artefacts, meeting historical characters including Samuel Pepys, Rosa Parks and Tim Berners-Lee.

    "The year group enjoyed learning about the past through this wonderful workshop. A very interactive session, which we will be able to refer back to as it links with our ongoing work."
    Mrs Gillard, Hilldene Primary School, Essex
  • Awareness of the Past
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Victorian Homelife and Toys (London) 

    The ‘new servants’ at Sudbury Manor must complete all household chores to the housekeeper’s satisfaction if they are to enjoy the Victorian toys at the end of a long day. 

    "The children want to be historians now, a great way to start our home in the past topic."
    Louise Boardman, Hinchley Wood Primary, Surrey

    Victorian Schooldays (London, West Midlands)

    Transport your classroom back to 1899 and give your children a lesson they won’t forget as our Victorian schoolteacher assesses handwriting, drill and arithmetic. 

    "Children were enthused and amazed by the workshop they took part in. One child commented 'This was absolutely brilliant.'"
    Helen Lordan, Norbury Manor Primary School, London

    Quest for Kings, Queens and Castles (London, West Midlands, South West, North West)

    Lower the drawbridge, cross the moat and join the Knight of Knowledge on a medieval quest to discover life inside a castle, singing regal rhymes and uncovering facts about monarchs. 

    "The children were engaged throughout the session and are now very knowledgable on the topic. A really enjoyable, interactive session. We will be booking for next year and for other events!"
    Natasha Langley, Huncoat Primary, Lancashire 

    The Prince and the Pauper (London)

    Discover what happens when a prince and a pauper trade clothes and lives! Get whisked away to Tudor England in Mark Twain’s tale of mistaken identity.  

    "Children were fully engaged at all times, really enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of the experience. The workshop was a great mix of learning about history and storytelling. It generated a lot of discussion back in class."
    Michael Kelleher, Corpus Christi Primary School, Lambeth

    Black History: A Celebration - Large Group (London)

    Celebrate Black History Month with this specially-created large group session. As your children discover more about the abolition of slavery and the Windrush generation, they will also encounter some unsung heroes from black history.

    "The children were all involved and engaged. It was our first time experiencing a session with Freshwater. I will definitely want to book them again."
    Elizabeth Sho, John Stainer Community Primary School, Lewisham
  • Significant Individuals
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester
    Inspiring Women 
    (London, West Midlands, South West, North West)
    Also available as a Large Group Session

    This immersive workshop highlights significant women in history such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell, inspiring pupils with their lives and legacies. A fantastic addition to International Women’s Day celebrations! 

    "The children were engaged from the minute they entered the hall. The pace was just right as was the length of the session. Children and teachers enjoyed the workshop and learned new information as well as having things to think about when they left."
    Catherine Smith, The Granville School, Kent

    Guy Fawkes (London, West Midlands)

    Join our time traveller on an interactive journey back to 1605. Meet Guy Fawkes, the King, and uncover the Gunpowder plot. Watch your class learn facts and participate in debates.

    "It was an excellent way for the children to become fully immersed in the topic. The children were given the opportunity to showcase all the things they had learnt."
    Daniel Wanostrocht, Green Street Green Primary School, Orpington

    Mary Seacole (London)

    As Mary shares her stories and explains the challenges she faced, your children will witness her encounter with Florence Nightingale and help the famous nurse set up the British Hotel. 

    "Best drama session I have seen in over a decade. The session had everything possible in it to engage the children, they learned so much and I would love to book more sessions as soon as possible!"
    Sarah Pereira, Princes Plain Primary, Kent

    Columbus and Armstrong (London, West Midlands, North West)
    Also available with a sole focus on Neil Armstrong

    Exploring the life and times of these two intrepid explorers; recreating the events of their journeys, your pupils will discover the many similarities between these two great men. 

    "It brought the topic to life for our children... The management and the content of the whole session was wonderful and we will definitely be using your company again."
    Madeline Fraser, Nancy Reuben Primary School, London

    Florence Nightingale (London, West Midlands, South West, North West)

    Travelling with Florence to Scutari hospital and role-playing scenes from her life, your class will explore her childhood memories as well as her nursing legacy. 

    "The facilitator was brilliant the children really enjoyed their experience. I will recommend the group to the school and fellow teachers. It helped consolidate the children's learning for this term."
    Shweta Randeri, Hendon Prep, London

    Adventures in Computing with Ada Lovelace (London)

    Ada Lovelace, writer of the first computer programme, will inspire your children with her love of maths and coding, leading them on a lively journey through the history of computing and engaging children in exciting algorithm activities.

    The session includes the history of how the computing devices we use today have changed through time.

  • Important Events
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Great Fire of London (London, West Midlands, South West, North West)

    Experience London in 1666 as we recreate life in Pudding Lane, become the fire as it grows and spreads, meet the famous diarist Samuel Pepys and debate the rebuilding of the city. 

    "They loved it! Especially doing all the things and pretending to be the fire and the houses. Really kept them interested and learning- this is a very energetic class and they were kept on their toes throughout."
    Laura Comerford, Bute House Prep School, Hammersmith

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“The children were mesmerised by the variety of characters they were introduced to. Historical details were presented in great depth.”

Cat Stratton
Buttsbury Infant School, Essex
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