Festive Drama Workshops

Celebrate the festive season with exciting and joyful drama workshops from Freshwater Theatre Company.

We have sessions specially designed for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. These sessions will entertain, delight and keep your children motivated at the end of a long term.

  • Diwali (Sunday 14th November 2020)
  • Chanukah (10-18th December 2020)
  • Christmas (Friday 25th December 2020)
  • Chinese New Year (Friday 12th February 2021)

Other Festivities

We would be delighted to celebrate any festival which is important to your school.

The ones listed above are those we celebrate most frequently with schools, but please reach out if there is another celebration which is relevant to your school.

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    Freshwater Theatre Company offers interactive drama workshops, shows and large group activities for schools to bring your curriculum to life. We hope you enjoy exploring our site!