Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons

Subject: History
Age Group: 7-11 Year Olds (KS2)
Available in London, South West, and West Midlands

Explore the settlement, life and culture of the Anglo-Saxons, and re-enact the dramatic legend of the warrior Beowulf.

One facilitator visits your school in the role of Kenric, the Anglo-Saxon. Each child will get a part in bringing the tale to life and exploring what life was like in Anglo Saxon Times. 


Key Areas

  • History of the Anglo-Saxons
  • Building houses
  • Farmlife
  • Fortune telling
  • The story of Beowulf

Curriculum Link

  • Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons


"The children really engaged with the workshop and enjoyed exploring the historical context of Beowulf as well as just re-enacting the story. They were already familiar with the text but the opportunity for them to act out parts of the story really helped them understand the chronology of the plot and bring the story to life."

Abby Clark, Freezywater St George's CofE Primary School, Enfield


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Important Information

Type: Drama workshop
Length of session: 60 minutes
Price£123 + VAT
Number of children: up to 30 - extra children are negotiable
All Freshwater drama facilitators are DBS checked


• Curriculum specific
• Experienced facilitator
• Interactive learning
• Opportunity to observe children's progress
• Easy booking process
• Follow-up packs available
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