• This Month's Drama Game - Imaginary Ball Games
    2 May 2018

    This game is great for a whole class of children, and will get them concentrating as well as having lots of fun. It is super active and gets your class moving their bodies, can be adapted in so many ways, and lends itself really well to teaching languages. You can even take it outside into the playground if the sun’s shining!

    How it Works:

    Get the children to stand in a circle. You can begin the game by imagining you have hold of a ball of any size - football, golf ball etc. Show with your hands and body how large and heavy it is. Then, call someone’s name across the circle and pretend to throw the ball to them. The same sized ball must be caught as is thrown. The catcher then throws the ball on to somebody else. As the pace of the game picks up, you can have several different sized imaginary balls going at once!

    Top Tip: 

    Increase the physicality and drama skill level by having children react to the size of ball thrown at them before passing it on. Is it really big and nearly knocks them off their feet when they catch it? Is it really heavy and they struggle to lift it again before throwing? Or is it really small, can be rolled in the hand, or easily lost? Encourage children to use their imagination to demonstrate how they would react physically to the size of each imaginary ball thrown in the game.

     Take it Further:

    There are so many variations of this game –

    For language learning and a memory game – perhaps you could give everybody a number instead of their name, and the children must say the number of the person they are throwing to in French. You could also use it to help build sentences in languages: the thrower might say “Bonjour John. Ca va?”, and then when John catches the ball, he says “Oui, ca va, merci Sally.” Simply adjust the complexity of the sentence to fit your children’s level, and encourage them to be creative with their answers.

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