• New Year's Resolutions
    2 Jan 2018

    This month’s drama game is a fun memory-based activity to kick off the new term and inspire your class to look ahead to everything they hope to achieve over the coming year. 

    How it works

    This game requires the children to be sat in a large circle, so works best in a large, cleared area or hall.

    Before the game

    Sit the class in a large circle and explain that the game you are going to play is all about the New Year and everything that 2018 has in store. Briefly discuss with the class what a New Year’s Resolution is and ask the children to spend a few minutes thinking silently about what their New Year’s Resolution might be.

    Playing the game

    Take your place in the circle alongside the children and, remaining seated, tell the class in a loud, clear voice, “In 2018, I am going to read lots of books” (or a different resolution of your choice!) As you say this, mime reading lots of books.

    Turn to the child on your left and ask them to repeat your resolution and action, before adding their own resolution and a corresponding action. E.g. “In 2018, I am going to read lots of books and help my mum with the cooking!”

    Continue to move clockwise around the circle, with each child repeating the resolutions and actions that have already gone, and adding their own, so that the list gets longer and longer. When someone gets stuck, the rest of the class may silently act out the action that corresponds to the appropriate resolution, to help to jog their classmate’s memory.

    Encourage the children to speak loudly and clearly, and to perform a clear and simple action that their classmates will be able to remember. 

    Follow up the game by asking the class to choose five resolutions inspired by the activity and to list them on an A4 page in the style of a manifesto for the year ahead, with the title In 2018 I will... Ask them to create a decorative border for the manifesto and to add illustrations in place of the actions. 

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