• This Month's Drama Game - Making Rain
    1 Mar 2018

    This is a beautifully calm drama activity that you can build into more layers, either as a meditative behaviour management technique to encourage the class to be calm after break-time. Or it could be developed into an exploration of the weather.

    Sit in a circle. The teacher begins to 'make rain’ by rubbing their hands together, and the children follow. To make the rain louder, tap your knees with your fingertips, then gently pat your thighs, and pat harder to make the rain louder. The children should imitate your movements.

    Reduce the sound as the ‘rain shower’ passes, so you are back to rubbing your hands, and then silent.

    Encourage the children to think about how the ‘rain cloud’ has been blown along towards you, and then away as the rain dies away again.

    Hopefully you won’t need to use your voice at all as the children will be concentrating on listening to the ‘rain’, and then you should get a beautiful moment of hush once the rain has stopped!

    To extend the activity - think about the sounds other weather makes. Or ask children what sounds they might hear in different seasons.

    Have fun - and hope your March is filled with this kind of rain and not the real wet stuff!

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