Transitional Summer Workshops for KS2 Going Into KS3

Making the jump into secondary school can be intimidating for many children. We have hand-picked workshops for you which make the transition easier.

Each workshop is ideal for Year 6. These sessions will secure key skills, open their minds and boost their self-esteem. Get them excited about moving up to KS3!

Les Trois Mousquetaires

Journey back in time to the turbulent streets of Paris. Les gardes du Cardinal are pitted against Les Mousquetaires du Roi. Violence hangs in the air, fights break out on every corner and impassioned mottos ring out: "Vive le Cardinal!" "Tous pour un, un pour tous!"

D'Artagnan, a brave and impetuous young man from the countryside, longs to travel to Paris and join the famed and revered Mousquetaires. But with obstacles facing him at every turn, will D'Artagnan ever achieve his dream?

"The pupils really enjoyed the content and learned about French history and culture as well as the language. It was much more fun and engaging than other MFL theatre sessions I have previously seen."
Emily Richardson, West London Free School, Hammersmith

Science Machine: Evolution and Inheritance

The professor’s science machine is in grave danger of imploding and our eccentric scientist needs your knowledge to save it! Your pupils must use their enthusiasm for science to help refill its information tanks with scientific facts and fun. From survival of the fittest to genetic inheritence to Charles Darwin and more!

Democracy, Law and Liberty

Order, order! Invite the Speaker of the House into your school to take your class on a fascinating and fact-filled journey to discover the history of democracy, law and liberty, inspiring children to live out these British Values in their schools and communities.

Inspiring Women

Led by Hera, the Greek Goddess of Women, this workshop will introduce children to extraordinary women from various spheres: adventurous and pioneering women, women in the arts, women in politics and women in science. Visiting different locations and time periods, the children will explore the lives of women such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell.

Also available featuring Emmeline Pankhurst.

"The children were engaged from the minute they entered the hall. The pace was just right as was the length of the session. Children and teachers enjoyed the workshop and learned new information."
Catherine Smith, The Granville School, Kent


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