Inspiring Women

Celebrating women's history shouldn't just stop after International Women's Month. Last year we delivered over 300 workshops on inspiring women. We have delivered over 3,400 workshops in total since 1996 specifically about female figures.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to peak your children's interest or further their learning of amazing history figures, we have awe-inspiring of workshops for you. 

Inspiring Women (KS1/KS2)

Led by Hera, the Greek Goddess of Women, this workshop will introduce children to extraordinary women from various spheres: adventurous and pioneering women, women in the arts, women in politics and women in science. Visiting different locations and time periods, the children will explore the lives of women such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell.

Also available featuring Emmeline Pankhurst.

Florence Nightingale (KS1)

Travelling with Florence to Scutari hospital and roleplaying scenes from her life, your class will explore her childhood memories as well as her nursing legacy. Using roleplay and tableaux drama activities, children re-enact the Scutari hospital, with the children taking on roles such as patients, nurses and even rats! 

"The children loved it! One child said they missed her as soon as we left and she wished she would come every day."
Charlotte Sagar, Barnfield Primary School, London

Mary Seacole (KS1)

Journey with Mary from Jamaica to the Crimea, help her set up the British Hotel and experience her brief meeting with Florence Nightingale before exploring her life back in England after the war.

"Best drama session I have seen in over a decade. The session had everything possible in it to engage the children, they learned so much and I would love to book more sessions as soon as possible!"
Sarah Pereira, Princes Plain Primary, Kent

Adventures in Computing with Ada Lovelace (KS1)

Ada Lovelace, writer of the first computer programme, will inspire your children with her love of maths and coding, leading them on a lively journey through the history of computing and engaging children in exciting algorithm activities.


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"The children were enthralled and excited from the first moment. Wonderful energy, fab, factual, and entertaining. I learnt things I didn't know myself!"

Juliet Kantazi, Southbank International School, London

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