Saint Days

Patron Saints are celebrated within the Christian Church and are traditionally chosen as guardians over certain areas of life - whether a country or an industry of work, or another thing in daily life - such as animals.

Although Saints are primarily a Catholic tradition - there are different types of worship or celebration of important people in other cultures and religions too. 

Christians believe that Saints are normal people who performed a miracle during life and when they died they have ascended to heaven. Saints are seen as different from other souls in heaven because they have been given the special gift or responsibility of guiding people that follow them.

Saints are not widely celebrated in a religious way in the UK anymore. We do still remember them on the Saint Days of each of the nations within the British Isles. Today, Saint Days are celebrated in a cultural way. They are remembered in order to explore differences between the diverse cultures in the British Isles and celebrate patriotism, perform traditional festivities, or explore cultural values.

So many of the Saint Days are in Spring! If you want to celebrate, explore, learn about and enjoy the Geography of the British Isles - these are perfect days to do so:

  St. David Thursday 1 March Wales
  St. Piran Monday 5 March Cornwall
  St. Patrick Saturday 17 March Northern Ireland
  St. George Monday 23 April England

We can offer you many different Geography Workshops to explore the British Isles, and the rest of the world - depending on your needs?

 KS1   KS2
Where in the UK is Baxter Bear?   Let's Locate! The UK
Where in the World is Baxter Bear?   Let's Locate! Continents

Please do get in get in touch to let us know how you want to learn about Geography, locations, or cultural celebrations!

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Other celebration workshops include: Dance through... Celebrations and Festivals, or Black History: A Celebration.

Other Geography Workshops include: Geographical Features, continents or climate...

Get in touch to let us know your needs!

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