Protect the Planet

Spring has many focus days dedicated to protecting the planet, geography, nature, the world and space! Which makes now a perfect time to book one of our Physical Geography or Science workshops! We certainly have fun facts whatever your focus, and a workshop for every occasion...


Focus Days Coming up
21st March

International Day of Forests

22nd March World Water Day 
23rd March Meteorological Day  
21st April International Astronomy Day
22nd April UN International Mother Earth Day
25th April WWF World Penguin Day
2nd June Butterfly Awareness Day
8th June World Oceans Day
21st June Clean Air Day
Suggested Topical Workshop 

Environment Alert! (KS2)

Baxter Bear's Rainforest Adventure (KS1)

Exploratorium: Plants & Growth

Water & Weather


Rivers and Water (KS2)

Crossing Continents and Oceans (KS1)

Weather and Seasons (Quest or Exploratorium)



The Quest for... Space

Early Years' Story Hunt - Space (EYFS)

Exploratorium: Space

Exploratorium: Light & Shadows


The Planet

Early Years’ Story Hunt - Polar Regions (EYFS)

The Quest for... Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Let's Locate... Geographical Features (KS2)

Animals & Habitats


Exploratorium: Animals, Habitats & Life Cycles

Exploratorium: Evolution & Inheritance (KS2)


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