National Share-a-Story Month

Not as well known as Book Week, nevertheless May is National share-a-story Month. It was introduced by the Federation of Children's Book Groups to celebrate their aim of bringing children and stories together. This year's themes are myths and legends from around the world, stories in translation & travel and food. What stories do you know that fit the themes?

We offer storytelling across the whole curriculum, but in particular our Story Seeker and Story Hunts are often in high demand.

Large Group Storytelling involves your children bringing to life three traditional tales as our storyteller plays with language, invites the children to take on a variety of roles and explores the morals of the stories presented. We offer three different sets of three, so you can always have something new.

  • The Ugly DucklingThe Princess & the Pea, and Thumbelina
  • The Cracked PotThe Fearsome Giant, and The Cedar Tree
  • The Pied PiperThe Cobblestone Maker, and The Lion & The Mouse

For Early Years we also have Story Hunts, on a variety of themes from Animals or Dinosaurs, to Pirates or Polar Regions. All these workshops are action-packed, sensory adventures, with children picking up clues in order to create a magical story together. Highly interactive, lots of fun and available to cover nearly twenty different topics. Why not choose one of our Story Hunts for the month of May?

We also have many workshops celebrating your favourite stories and looking at the themes they cover. Venture under the sea to share the story of The Rainbow Fish or into the forest to hear all about The Gruffalo.  Enquire now to book in some story time.

Did you know - we also do Modern Foreign Language Storytelling sessions? You do now! You can celebrate sharing a story and stories in translation by listening to folk and fairytales in French or German. All our MFL sessions work through popular stories interactively to improve language uptake!

However you choose to celebrate it, make May full of stories and let Freshwater know what you get up to!

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"Excellent drama workshop allowing children to develop their understanding of the story of Twelfth Night as well as the characters. Excellent value for money."

Jackie Hunt, Beaconside Primary, Birmingham

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