World Book Day (& Night!) 2021

World Book Day will look a bit different this year, but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate the joy of books and stories! From Alice's Wonderland to an African Savanna, Freshwater has enchanting online workshops to bring long-loved literary worlds to life.

Pss . . . don't forget to celebrate World Book Night (23rd April). Presented by The Reading Agency and bringing people together from all backgrounds for one reason - to inspire to read!

Alice in Wonderland (EYFS & KS1)

In our brand new online session, enter the topsy turvy world of Wonderland and delight in visiting the different locations and meeting the weird and wonderful inhabitants. Find out more about the session here.

Stories from Africa (KS1 & KS2)

See the tales of How Anansi Became King of All Stories and How the Zebra Got His Stripes dramatically unfold as your pupils help to create animated scenes inspired by African storytelling. Find out more information about the session here.

Early Years' Story Hunt - Fairytales (EYFS) 

Send your Nursery and Reception pupils on a magical learning adventure. Your children will explore fairytale stories through a range of drama, music and story-based activities, collecting clues along the way to create delightful stories together. Find out more information about our Early Years' Story Hunt's here.         

Drop us an email if you're keen to hear more!

Continue to share the joy of stories this Book Day with these story-tastic activities:   

Who's in the Book?

Best suited to EYFS. Ask the children to think of a well-known story (emphasise that it should be story everyone would know e.g. a fairytale or a Disney film). They are going to take turns describing the events in their story, without saying the characters' names or where the story is set. The other pupils need to guess the story! Begin each round by all saying “Who's in the book?” and miming opening a book. Whoever gets it right goes next.

I know a story about…

Best suited to KS1 and KS2 pupils. One child thinks of a story. They then say “I know a story about…” and give a clue as to one thing the story is about, such as "I know a story about a slipper". The group then try and guess what the story is. If someone gets it right, they get to go next. If no one guesses it, then another clue is given by adding to the list, "I know a story about a slipper and midnight" etc.

The Book Quest

Parents will need to help out with some minimal set-up for this activity: Go on an adventure around the home, collecting clues and discovering some classic books to celebrate Book Day! Each location has a physical clue and a word clue. Once they’ve deciphered the clues and worked out the story, there are a couple of activities to try. Parents are to place some simple, easy to find objects in specific rooms around the house and to have the word clues to hand (printed out or on a device). Change the books or activities to best suit your children.

KITCHEN - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

  • In the kitchen, place a tea set (some mugs, tea plates and spoons will do).
  • Word clue for younger children: ‘No food was left in the fridge after this big stripped orange cat was done’
  • Word clue for older children: ’The big orange cat looked through the alphabet until it found the letter its name began with.’
  • Listen to the story here.  

ACTIVITY 1: Create a shopping list for all of the food that the tiger gobbled up. Work out how much each item would cost and add them up. Perhaps extend this activity by playing a memory game – how many of the items can they remember?

ACTIVITY 2: Role-play the story to bring it to life. Get the whole family involved to play the different characters or use cuddly toys to stand in for the characters and bring them to life with different voices. Use this script to start you off…

Mum: I wonder who that can be. It can’t be the milkman because he came this morning. And it can’t be boy from the grocer because this isn’t the day he comes. And it can’t be Daddy because he’s got his key. We’d better open the door and see.

Sophie opens the door to reveal a big furry, stripy tiger

Tiger: Excuse me, but I’m very hungry. Do you think I could have tea with you?……

OUTSIDE AREA -  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • In the garden or any outside area that you have access to, place a few items of food (preferably ones mentioned in the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. pears, apples, oranges, plums, cheese, lollipop, cake, sausage etc.)
  • Word clue for older children: ‘Egg - ?? - Chrysalis - Butterfly. You’d build up an appetite after all that metamorphosis!’
  • Word clue for younger children: ‘The fuzzy green worm-like insect filled his empty tummy’
  • Listen to the story here.

ACTIVITY 1: Try some of the different fruits mentioned in the story. Which one is your favourite? Can you think of some adjectives to describe each of them? You could also try some other fruit – what other fruits might The Very Hungry Caterpillar like to eat?

ACTIVITY 2: At the end of the story the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Can you find out what a tadpole turns into? You could use the internet or nooks to help you. Draw or write your answers. 

BATHROOM - The Rainbow Fish

  • In the bathroom, place a couple of your child’s favourite possessions.
  • Word clue for younger children: ‘A beautiful scaley creature in the ocean who doesn’t like sharing’
  • Word clue for older children: ‘A colourful trout’
  • Listen to the story here.  

ACTIVITY 1: Have a discussion about some of the themes in the book i.e. sharing, beauty and happiness. Start off with some of these questions about sharing: 

  • The Rainbow gives away his most prized possessions. What are your most prized possessions and why are they important to you?
  • Did it make you happier or sadder to share the item?
  • Do you share with your friends? Do you share everything with them?
  • Imagine that Rainbow Fish gave away all his scales. Would that be a good thing for him to do?

ACTIVITY 2: Play some ‘ocean sounds’ and use the below drama activities to explore the story:

  • Pretend you are the Rainbow fish swimming past all the other fish, ignoring them. What will your face look like? How will your body move?
  • The Little Blue Fish asks the Rainbow fish to have one of his special, shiny scales. Pretend to be him asking for the scales. What would you say to convince him?
  • Imagine you are the Little Blue Fish after he is finally given one of the shiny scales. Show his excitement swimming back and forth, whizzing through the ocean.
  • The Rainbow Fish soon realises  how happy he feels sharing his special scales. Show him sharing his scales and then happily playing and swimming with the other fish.

During the next live online lesson teachers can ask the children if they can recall the different stories and congratulate them on completing the Book Day Quest! Perhaps ask them to come up with their own riddles/clues for their favourite stories. 


So share books, wherever and to whomever you can! However you choose to celebrate it, make World Book Day 2021 full of stories and let Freshwater know what you get up to!


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