Adventures in Computing

 ...with Ada Lovelace

The amazing Ada Lovelace, writer of the first computer programme, will inspire your children with her love of maths and coding. She will lead you on a lively journey through the history of computing and engage children in algorithm activities.

This hour long workshop is suitable for up to 30 children. Your class will learn about her fascinating family life and challenges Ada Lovelace faced. The session includes the history of how the computing devices we use today have changed through time. 

This inspirational woman was ahead of her time and whilst her brilliant mind was recognised by Victorian society, the importance of her research only emerged decades after her death. Through drama and characterization, Ada will bring computing to life and encourage and empower your children to get involved in coding and STEM subjects.

If you’ve booked and enjoyed our Florence Nightingale session you are sure to fall in love with this new Ada Lovelace workshop. Or book this session as part of a wider Victorian topic. 

Did you know?

We also offer a selection of science workshops and a maths assembly. Please click here to find out more.

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